Liquid yoghurt for newborn piglets

Q bb

The best supplement for newborns

We are familiar with the large piglet production capacity of all genetic varieties today and with the fact that the number of piglets is greater than the sow’s capacity to feed them, leading to an excess of losses in maternity.

Qbb is designed to help piglets from the moment they are born, and especially the weakest ones who can’t feed themselves, whether due to weakness or lack of nipple because of the high number of piglets per sow.

The excellent components of this yoghurt make Q bb the ideal nutritional supplement for helping piglets at a key moment.
Q bb provides them with the energy they need to satisfy their daily needs and the ideal protein (albumins) for obtaining the desired growth, two essential requirements if the piglets are to continue nursing by themselves.  Meanwhile, we’ll be nourishing the piglets with a feed with a pH of 4.3, ideal for pathogen control.


Indicated for all genetic varieties, even the least prolific in piglet number, given that these sows also have piglets which are quite small and weak at birth or during the first days of life.

Excellent results in litters with diarrhoea, because it hydrates, nourishes and helps piglets recuperate their intestinal flora thanks to the special characteristics of this yoghurt.

Instructions for use

Administer Qbb orally twice a day to all the weakest, thinnest and smallest animals from each litter.
From the first hours of life up to two weeks after birth.


Pasteurised lactic ferment.

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Q bb