The safest liquid yoghurt

Q bo

The safest liquid yoghurt

Yoghurt has many virtues as a probiotic and prebiotic, making it one of the best feeds for controlling digestive issues and restoring the intestinal flora.

The characteristics of yoghurt —including pH, texture, lactic protein and lactose— make it one of the best feeds for piglets, without forgetting the mother’s milk and the first kibbles formulated especially for young pigs.

Produced at our facilities with guaranteed maximum quality to help you get the best results on your farms.

Q bo is a yoghurt with activated carbon designed to control diarrhoea in maternity and during the first days after weaning.


  • To teach young pigs to eat. The feed piglets like best in maternity and weaning.
  • Sucklers. Spectacular tool for sucklers, with very high yoghurt intakes.
  • Nursery. Ideal feed for very early weaning, when digestive safety is key.
  • Weaning. After 12 hours, 100% of the animals are eating, and they’re consuming the ideal feed for linking with the pre-starter.

Instructions for use

  • To teach young pigs to eat. In the first days of life (3-7 days), three times a day, start with small quantities and gradually increase according to the piglets’ demand.
  • Sucklers. Consumption tends to be very high. Once the desired consumption level has been reached, add the lactic or pre-starter. Three or four doses a day and clean plates in an hour is ideal.
  • Nursery. Three or four times a day. The first two days, only yoghurt, and starting on the third, add the lactic or pre-starter, and always administer the yoghurt over the lactics and pre-starters.
  • Weaning. The yoghurt must always be administered over the pre-starter. Three times a day, and gradually increase the pre-starter with each dose.


It may be the best feed to make sows who lose their appetites the first days after birthing eat again. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Period of treatment


Product specifications


In pigs 2.840 kcal/kg
pH 4,3
Humidity 83%
Protein 18,5 % (sms)
Gross fat 14,7 % (sms)
Starch 17,6 % (sms)
Lactose 27,0 % (sms)

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