Behind the

BifeedBo emerged from the innovative drive of Angel Ribes, with lengthy experience in the animal nutrition sector, and Jordi Balp, owner of a leading, nationally recognised pig farm; two friends who, after years of working in the food industry sector, decided to join forces and create a new product: yoghurt imagined as a new and vitally important factor in animal feed.

Currently, the project development team is formed by five people with a creative, modern and inclusive mentality, convinced that innovation and teamwork are the key to success.

How do we work?

We study the best feed guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

We conduct a personalised follow-up at every farm to show how to implement the new feed system firsthand.

Our experience, added to the quality and efficacy of our product range, allows us to guarantee that, with BifeedBo, you’ll get the results you propose.