the first yoghurt for animal feed

Improves survival rates at pig farms without antibiotics or other medications.

We’re all familiar with the virtues of yoghurt and the key role it plays in human nutrition. Now we’ve discovered that it’s also important for animals.

This is BifeedBo, the first fresh yoghurt for animal feed: an ideal food for strengthening the animals’ immunity and just right for teaching them how to eat efficiently.

Thanks to advances in genetics, farm productivity is increasing in a more-than-significant way. This fact, along with the reduction in the use of antibiotics, has led to a rise in casualties at livestock facilities.

This is a situation, well-known and worrying, that requires fast action to reduce mortality at farms, just as the sector and society demand.

And here is where BifeedBo and its product range come into play.

Where the mother can’t reach, there’s BifeedBo

What is Bifeedbo?

BifeedBo offers a range of yoghurts designed and produced to be supplied to farms to help improve the well-being and health of the animals in their first stages of life.

Through yoghurt and its virtues, as a probiotic, prebiotic, gut flora restorer and microbiota stimulator and strengthener, we can reduce the use of antibiotics (currently, one of the most pressing problems in nutrition).

Each of our products is engineered to cover a specific need: whether to control diarrhoea, to achieve a good level of intake and optimal growth or even to help the mother get where she can’t reach. By the same token, there’s also a line designed just to teach animals to eat during the weaning phase.

BifeedBo improves animal well-being at your farm

The power of BifeedBo

BifeedBo is the result of an intensive research process, centred on innovation and constant progress, which offers the best solutions to the livestock sector.

We have our own facilities, designed and prepared exclusively to produce, package and market our yoghurt.

Our site even features a totally accessible farm to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products, a crucial testing ground that’s allowed us to be more agile when improving the yoghurts and which guarantees the quality and efficacy of our dairy products firsthand.

Moreover, the constant feedback from our customers has allowed us to adapt our product range and embark upon new research paths according to the real concerns and problems of the sector.

Our range of feeds and yoghurts

Our selection includes different types of feed and yoghurt, each one with a defined, specific purpose.

Our feeds have been especially developed to make piglets adapt to solid food quickly and effectively.

In addition, our yoghurts are made from cow milk and different raw materials which vary in quantity according to the formula. They include a combination of fermenting agents (streptococci and lactobacilli) to help create yoghurt with the perfect pH for the animals.
Apart from this, the entire selection has an ideal texture, easy for farm staff to handle and for animals to ingest.

The mixture of kibble and BifeedBo yoghurt makes for very high quality feed, improving the digestibility of the kibble and reducing or even eliminating antibiotics.

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