Liquid yoghurt with carbon

Q stop

The best choice for controlling diarrhoea in newborns

The first yoghurt with carbon that controls diarrhoea.

Newborn diarrhoea in nursing, caused by multiple factors, is a problem at many pig farms in our country and a true puzzle for cattle farmers and veterinarians. The techniques used to control it are diverse, with disparate results and still far from eradicating, or at least being able to control, the feared diarrhoea during the first days of life, a situation which considerably lowers the results of farms facing this pathology.

Q stop has been designed to help control the diarrhoea which appears during the first days of life.

Q stop is a yoghurt with all the advantages this product offers: probiotic, prebiotic, acidic pH, it hydrates and nourishes the piglet at the same time, it helps restore intestinal function quickly, etc. Moreover, we have added activated carbon to control diarrhoea.
The use of carbon is well known as one of the therapies for controlling diarrhoea in humans.
The excellent combination of yoghurt with carbon makes it possible to stop the feared diarrhoea from the first moments it appears and get excellent results.

Even after the animals’ diarrhoea is over, it is advisable to continue feeding them with Q bb to help them recover the weight and vitality lost.


Especially indicated for piglets with neonatal diarrhoea.

Instructions for use

Orally administer 5-8 cm2 of Qstop to all the piglets in the litter as soon as the first symptoms of diarrhoea appear (point of vital importance). Repeat the operation 8-12 hours later and, in very serious cases, administer a third dose 8-12 hours after the second.


Pasteurised lactic ferment.

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